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CONNECTING 2020–2030 Ten Year Concept + Financial Plan

Today’s presentation identifies future directions The Forks North Portage will take over the next ten years to carry out its mission in the downtown.

Themes or projects you will see today are high level and include continuing initiatives, projects in the planning and implementation stage and project concepts to be further explored.

We encourage you to provide your comments on any of these areas as part of this public consultation event.

Please feel free to fill out our feedback form below.

Who We Are

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The mission of The Forks North Portage is to act as a catalyst, encouraging activities for people downtown through public and private partnerships and revitalization strategies, and to work to ensure financial self-sufficiency. Our Mandate areas include North Portage and The Forks.

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Theme for 2020-2030

  • (Re)Investment
  • All-season Activation
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Reconciliation + Celebrating History
  • Financial Sustainability

North Portage

The North Portage neighbourhood shall be a centre of commerce, culture, and living, integrated to form a diverse downtown community through a mixture of public uses including: residential, commercial and institutional, recreational, educational, and entertainment facilities.

Reinvest in Facilities:

Ensure ease of access and work with building owners to revitalize facilities to meet present-day needs.

Facilities operating, some for over 30 years, require upgrades or enhancements to remain viable over the long term.

The Forks North Portage as a landlord at North Portage will:

  • maintain private roadways for ease of access for pedestrians and vehicles
  • work with building owners to support plans to revitalize facilities to meet present day needs

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Consultations & Community Enhancements

The Forks North Portage will partner with BIZ organizations and others such as Central Neighbourhoods and Mosaic Family Resource Centre to carry out community consultations in the Central Park neighbourhood to identify potential community enhancement projects to support over the next ten years.

Preliminary ideas to be explored include:

  • develop “meeting places” indoors and outdoors for people to gather and connect with others in the neighbourhood (eg. building spaces, community gardens, pop up parks)
  • a mural program presenting themes of history, social justice, and reconciliation

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Central Park Programming

The Forks North Portage, as a member of Central Park’s stewardship committee, will assist with programming and explore amenities such as a new stage, warming huts, and other features to sustain this vital central gathering place.

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Central Park is home to many newcomer communities and has increasingly become a hub of activity in Winnipeg’s central neighbourhood.

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Several organizations in the Central Park neighbourhood have implemented activations to bring life to the neighbourhood’s popular gathering place.

Social Well-being + Reconciliation

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The Forks North Portage as a stakeholder in the downtown and member of the Downtown BIZ will continue to support BIZ programs aimed at the social well-being of those in need.

Downtown is diverse, home to people of all income levels and from many cultural backgrounds.

The health of downtown requires a social investment in people as part of downtown revitalization.

A collective focus from the levels of government, business, social well-being agencies, and the community at large is required to address growing issues such as poverty, homelessness, and mental health.

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The Forks North Portage as landlord, advocate, and facilitator will support reconciliation initiatives at North Portage and The Forks.

The Forks North Portage will partner with others through public forums, programs, and special events to provide opportunities for Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples to come together and build relationships in the spirit of reconciliation.

As a member of the City of Winnipeg's Indigenous Accord, The Forks North Portage will help partners raise public awareness of Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action and the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Calls For Justice to ensure human rights and opportunities for Indigenous peoples are respected and overall well-being improved.

Eyes + Ears

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Adding to the mix of downtown residents and offering a variety of reasons to visit downtown is key to a vibrant downtown and can influence change in public perceptions about safety in the downtown.

  • Continue to encourage and support a variety of activities including development and programming that encourages more vibrant pedestrian life
  • Support safety initiatives that provide extra "eyes and ears" in the downtown
  • Encourage and support collaborations such as the downtown security network and new initiatives proposed to facilitate a cohesive approach to downtown safety

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The Forks

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The Forks shall be developed as a meeting place a special and distinct all-season gathering and recreational place at the junction of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers, through a mixed use approach including recreational, historical and cultural, residential, and supportive commercial uses.

Planning & Development

The Forks is committed to ensuring that new projects are designed to meet consistently high standards by adhering to the following guiding principles:

  • Create a rich pedestrian environment
  • Ensure a diversity of uses, facilitating a variety of projects
  • Promote innovation and excellence
  • Ensure ease of access to and from The Forks
  • Integrate heritage themes into new projects where possible

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By leveraging community partnerships and reinvesting revenues from its commercial operations, The Forks will continue to develop community infrastructure and deliver quality, affordable programming for everyone in all-seasons.

  • Functioning as an outdoor community centre with a variety of healthy living activities for visitors
  • 280 events annually with a diverse program supporting “meeting place” theme
  • Community engagement with third parties delivering most of these events
  • Forks signature events supported by sponsors: Canada Day, New Year’s Eve, & River Trail
  • Ideas and talents of others leads to innovative projects: River Trail, Warming Huts, & dining on the river
  • Helping to brand Winnipeg as the Canadian centre for human rights education

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Connecting With History

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The Forks celebrates the history of the site and is committed to telling its stories.

The Forks story will be told in a number of ways:

  • Projects where opportunities exist (eg. Niizhoziibean, The Waterfront Loop)
  • A speakers bureau arranged through partnerships (eg. Manitoba Treaty Relations Commission)
  • Oral history tours provided by elders
  • Self-guided tour app
  • Social media coverage of archaeological investigations/findings
  • Interpretive signage and other landscape features such as public art
  • Marketing and communication

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Upper Fort Garry

  • Programming will educate visitors on the impact of Upper Fort Garry on the history of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Canada

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Target Zero

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The Forks is committed to achieving its ambitious sustainability targets - shrinking its carbon footprint, diverting garbage, reducing water waste, and reducing its overall energy consumption (and costs).

The Target Zero initiative originally implemented in 2008 to reduce The Forks carbon footprint, is an ongoing initiative focused on the environmental stewardship of The Forks site.

  • Investigate how solar heat could contribute energy to our geothermal collector
  • Plan district geothermal system for Railside at The Forks development
  • Create site-wide composting program
  • Continue planting to green site and offset carbon.

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Planning for the future: Connections

Active Transportation and Alternative Modes of Travel (eg. completing bike path connection from Osborne to St. Boniface)

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Refresh: Re-Investment

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The Forks is committed to sustained investment in its assets, site operations, and programming.

The Forks Market Refresh + The Common

The Forks operates 365 days of the year, maintained at a world class standard for visitor comfort. With renewal of The Forks beginning over 30 years ago, there is an ongoing requirement to address wear and tear of aging infrastructure.

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Railside At The Forks

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Railside is a major step in the evolution of The Forks - representing the first ever opportunity for living at The Forks. The overall goal for the Railside lands is to create a diverse, resilient, and welcoming place that augments and enhances the existing character of The Forks.

This is a 20 Year Plan to transform the 12 acre surface parking lots of Railside and Parcel 4.

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City asks The Forks to consult public on future development on areas used as Railside and Parcel 4 parking lots.


Council approves Preliminary Railside Concept Plan. TIF and intent to transfer P4 ownership to The Forks.


Forks completes three phases of public consultation on future development.


Council amends approval to allow for TIF to proceed on Railside portion (phase 1) and to transfer P4 at such time as “there is resulting demand”.


Council formally approves Railside at The Forks Concept Plan as Council policy.

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Guiding Principles

  1. Ensure accessibility: to a diversity of development interests, entrepreneurs, residents, and the public
  2. Encourage a mix of uses: including high quality public spaces, retail, commercial, live/work, condominium and rental residential
  3. Implement a green approach: to development and operations, based on The Forks Target Zero policy
  4. Design for Winnipeg’s varied climatic conditions
  5. Demonstrate innovation and design excellence
  6. Strengthen connections to the city

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Railside at The Forks: Making it Happen

Advancing Development

Connection to The Forks

New Partnerships and Collaboration

Elevating Environmental Stewardship

Stimulating Investment

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  • Detailed Design - buildings and public space
  • Finalize deals with Development Partners
  • Secure development approvals
  • Commence construction
  • 1,200 +/- residential units
  • 120,000 +/-square feet of commercial space and community facilities
  • 6+ acres of new public plaza space
  • Enhanced connectivity through The Forks site and to the Downtown
  • More of The Forks - more activities, more programming, more public space, more great design

South Main Connection

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The Forks will continue to connect with stakeholders to pursue interest in seeing the South Main area developed in a way that will complement The Forks.


Development opportunity

Introducing new uses


Pedestrian experience

Go To The Waterfront

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Keeper of the Vision: The Forks will continue to work with partners to implement the long-term vision to build and celebrate Winnipeg’s identity as a river city and inspire new riverfront development.

  • Endorsed by Winnipeg City Council (2014) this 20 year vision plan reveals opportunity and identifies potential projects that could shape the future of our waterfront.
  • Enhance linkages between The Forks and adjacent lands is key to the ongoing vitality of The Forks.
  • Work with partners to develop points of interest along the riverfront beyond The Forks borders will be a continuing theme.

Key Opportunities

gtwf-waterfront02.jpg (353 KB)

The Forks will work with the City of Winnipeg and Exchange District BIZ to assist in the completion and implementation of a renewal plan for Alexander Docks site.

Key opportunities include:

  • Waterfront plaza with seating
  • Small commercial kiosks
  • Dock for summer and winter river access
  • Future water bus stop
  • Tour boat landing
  • Gateway to the East Exchange
  • Tina Fontaine Memorial
  • 1919 Victoria Park Strike gathering interpretation


gtwf-waterfront03.jpg (211 KB)

Consistent with the goals of Go to the Waterfront, The City and The Forks will collaborate on long-term plans for the future development of this site.

Key opportunities include:

  • Mixed use development, connected to Railside and Parcel 4 redevelopment
  • Enhanced pedestrian trail connections and public space
  • Small marina development

The Waterfront Loop

gtwf-waterfront04.jpg (161 KB)

A walk along The Waterfront Loop connects historic sites and iconic architecture, fused together with distinct cultural precincts that span the Red and Assiniboine Rivers.

  • St. Boniface and The Forks working group has come together to brand this 2.5 km route to solidify The Waterfront Loop as a major public attraction.
  • There are compelling buildings story lines, vistas and natural features that, collectively, will become the experience of The Waterfront Loop.
  • Through landscaping, lighting, signage and art, The Waterfront Loop will unify elements of our past, present, and future.
  • The vision is to become internationally recognized as a significant cultural and recreational destination with themes of health and fitness, history, compassion, reconciliation, and human rights.

gtwf-waterfront05.jpg (122 KB)

Along The Waterfront Loop to Niizhoziibean: A place for ceremony + celebration

The southern entry to The Forks, formerly known as South Point, has been named Niizhoziibean to honour our city’s Indigenous heritage. Niizhoziibean embodies the spirit of the traditional past of The Forks and enhances our understanding of what this place means - a collaborative space where people have been coming together to trade, grow, and make life for millennia.

gtwf-waterfront06.jpg (134 KB)

Future Directions: Bush Gallery + Gathering Space

The Gathering Space, located in the lower basin area will feature a space for ceremony and celebration enhanced by a lodge-like structure that invites everyone in.

The Gallery boardwalk hovers above the forest floor providing exploration of a permanent collection of curated art pieces, complimented by temporary art installations that will transform the bush gallery.

Financial Story

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Positive Trajectory: Entrepreneurial approach has seen increase in visitations, business for Forks tenants, and profitability.

Capital Regeneration: To address aging infrastructure, we undergo a regular Capital Assets Inventory and analysis which contributes to a proactive annual capital program.

Sustainability: With a deliberate approach of operations efficiency and
a strong foundation from which to build, The Partnership is approaching financial self-sufficiency.

Economic Activity

fnp-financialstory02.jpg (171 KB)


fnp-financialstory03.jpg (236 KB)

Over $200 Million

Capital Regeneration

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The modern day Forks is over 30 years old, with some of its infrastructure closer to 100 years old. As the stewards of the site, it is our responsibility to maintain, upgrade and even replace aging infrastructure.

The Forks alone has over $75 million in assets that require care, refurbishment and sometimes replacement. Big ticket items like sewer pipes, the roof of The Forks Market, cobblestone, lighting and others are part of a capital regeneration plan for the next ten years. This is an integral component of the Ten Year Concept and Financial Plan.

Public Art at The Forks

fnp-publicart01.jpg (175 KB)

Public Art is an integral feature of The Forks. It allows us to create new landmarks, express our local history and heritage, visually register important moments or events, and reflect our diverse cultural community

  • Through The Forks Foundation, seek donors to fund additional public art on site
  • Through donors, partners, and sponsors, undertake public art in various forms: temporary and permanent installations, art exhibits, and festivals

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Stories of Compassion

Throughout Manitoba's history there have been acts of kindness and exchanges with settlers and Indigenous people. These public art works are inspired by these kinds of acts, in order to build a strong foundation of Indigenous and settler relations into the future. Through the support of the Winnipeg Foundation, these artworks will become a reality at The Forks.

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We Would Like Your Feedback.